Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to School

I promise I will do better at getting my blog updated! I am a work in process!

So school has already been going on for the last week. This year was an easy start. No big changes. Megan is a junior at EHS, Tucker is an 8th grader at EMS and Colby in 3rd grade at Timmerman. As you can see in the picture they were very excited to head off to school!

We also have had another big change in our extended family. Megan's boyfriend Brandon started college at Wichita State. We took him down on Sunday to get him settled in his dorm. Even though he is not my child it was very hard to say goodbye. He has become such a part of our family over the last two years, the house will seem a little empty without him around so much. One good thing is that our grocery bill will go down! He will be back this weekend and we can't wait to see him.

Everything else is great in the Landwehr house. Megan is busy with cheer, Tucker is worn out from Football practice and Colby's is waiting for his flag football and basketball season to start. Never a dull moment!


glitzen said...

your kids are so cute! I love back to school pics. I homeschool, so guess all my pics qualify..ha ha.


Ileana said...

It's also hard for me to blog regularly. Life is so busy some weeks are just blurs. Nice picture of your children! Here is wishing them a good school year.

Cookie said...

Great picture. It seems that I have to take 20 pictures to get 1 decent one of my three together. Looks like Colby got a haircut--so handsome!