Friday, September 5, 2008

Where is my BRAIN!

I think the older I get the dumber I get! I have sent the same email out at least 4 times today because I kept missing mistakes! That drives me crazy!

Just a few weeks ago I went to Megan's open house at the high school. We got to meet all her teachers and see what she will be working on through out the year. Im glad it is her and not me! I don't remember high school being that hard, but of course I never took the classes that Megan takes. And than there is Tucker who is scary smart. He is just like is dad! He barely has to study, oh wait he doesn't study, and he still gets A's. That drives Megan crazy. I am waiting to see where Colby fits. He loves school but does not like to do homework, he would rather be outside playing ball. It should be interesting!

It is scary to thing how much smarter my kids are than me. Let's just hope they don't figure it out any time soon!

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